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Maritime Crew Visa

Maritime Crew Visa required from 1 January 2008

Sea crew arriving in Australia from 1 January 2008 will be required to hold a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV).

A fine of AUD$5000 may be issued to the ship’s Master or agent for every foreign crew member in breach of the requirement. In addition, crew will be restricted on board the vessel while it is in Australia.

Apply now
To apply for a Maritime Crew Visa (MCV) visit: www.immi.gov.au/sea

To check if crew hold an MCV
Use the online MCV Status Enquiry facility

Crew arriving before 1 January 2008
Crew who arrive in Australia before 1 January 2008 without an MCV, and who have not departed before 1 January 2008, are able to remain in Australia lawfully as the Special Purpose Visa remains valid until they depart. Once they have left Australia, they must apply for the MCV.

Crew travelling to Australia by air
The MCV is not valid for travel to Australia by air. Crew travelling by air to join their ship need another visa, such as an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), Transit Visa, Tourist Visa, or short stay business visa, to travel to Australia as an airline passenger. They must also hold an MCV to sign onto the ship.

Note: From 1 January 2008, crew must hold an MCV before applying for a Transit Visa to fly to Australia.